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SCaLE 16x
Mar 17, 2018
2 minutes read

Last weekend, I finally went to my first SCaLE conference. And it was just as I imagined – a collection of geeks just like me, all spending a weekend together sharing the same passion for Linux and FOSS. I look forward to many more SCaLE’s!

Talks I attended

This was the opening keynote for the event. Yep, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Microsoft. Talking at a Linux expo.

Overall, I thought that talk did a good job showing Microsoft’s journey into open-source. How I feel about the genuineness of their newfound mission? That’ll probably be a future blog post – we’ll see.

I love security topics and this was the first talk on security on Saturday. What could be more interesting than learning about the state of security of embedded devices with the advent of IoT.

This talk was very dense, even though it was intended to be for everyone. I thought the technical details were very heavy, and it really taught me how much I need to learn about hypervisors, especially the Xen architecture.

Another security talk. This time about the evolution of the DNS infrastructure.

Overall, I thought it was an alright talk. The presenter showed up late, not sure if there were technical difficulties, but it nearly cut the talk in half. This topic definitely deserves more time. Oh well.

A talk by der hans about regular expressions. It briefly explained the differences between basic and extended regex. And one should always prefer extended regex. That’s all I really got out of this one, since I have a pretty decent grasp of regex already.

Probably my favorite talk because it was all (Rust!) code and presented in a very practical way.

I didn’t know much about how debugging actually worked, and I came out of this one with a much better grasp of how it works. I did not realize that debugging needs hardware support built into the CPU itself.

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